What do you do when the person your trying to "catch up" with is all over the show...?

posted 7 Aug 2011, 13:20 by Jess Maher   [ updated 7 Aug 2011, 16:39 ]
Hey there (to whom ever may find themselves reading this),  

I just felt it should be made explicitly that I am aware there may or may not be "an audience" that wants to listen to me anymore and as a result, may or may not get my "buzz" right now or why I clearly felt the need, to portray myself as an "example" of some kind...  I guess, like most stories I should start at the beginning- but where that truly is depends on what you already "know" to be  true... see the thing about communicating with others, is that by default, we automatically assume that who ever one maybe talking to, the chances are, in doing so-you will get some opposition and the main saving grace is that there is this "faith" in the hope that hopefully be outweighed by the excess votes for the "yes camp" so to speak...