Teaching & Learning in a Digital World

posted 17 May 2011, 06:01 by Jess Maher
I've been getting into using the Prezi's, Glogster and Toondoo's this week with the Parenting in a Digital World workshop coming up this Thursday. 

But when it comes to the uses and impacts of Web 2.0 that really gets me excited, its the teaching and learning opportunities.. 

Few posts and articles worth a look are listed below:

85+ Resources: Educator Guide for Integrating Social Media

NOVEMBER 24, 2009
by Venessa Miemis

100+ Examples of  the use of 
Social Media in Learning

Here are over 100 ways that different social technologies (and tools) are being used by learning professionals worldwide - compiled from the comments of those who have contributed their Top Tools for Learning in 2009


There are soo many examples of teachers engaging and interacting with students where they are already collating, but with technology, they are able to engage & excite them again for the most part! Now just