Self proclaimed experts and "haters" aka "luddites" - all add to the confusion around "social media"...

posted 20 May 2011, 06:26 by Jess Maher
Reading an article today with the Title   I Will Never Hire a “Social Media Expert,” and Neither Should You and whilst I agree with some of the principles and agree that anyone hiring a "social media expert" is wasting their money, but I don not agree that it is an empty term or an oxymoron as some comments posted.. I felt compelled to make the following comment as per below, but you can find the original article here -  

I agree that those who self proclaim or even willingly accept the title of "social media expert" should be very careful about what they are doing- accepting that one holds a level of expertise in an area where it is well known the most knowledgeable about these forums are likely the digital natives that businesses engaging in social media are in fact targeting...
I refer to the kind of work I do in this kind of area as "Online Reputation Management" - social media is really just a new way to interact & communicate with others but in a digital world. We often try to advise and educate businesses how to use these tools for themselves rather than outsourcing it. But most who aren't using it, have little interest in learning and would rather just hand it over to someone else. I have been asked on a number of occasions to manage or run Twitter feeds especially for other peoples businesses, personal or brands and I refuse.
Obviously I manage my own businesses & charitable trust projects Twitter profiles and on occasion, I have helped out different projects but only ever on a pro bono basis as I believe that outsourcing or handing over your brand or reputation, weather it be personal or business to ANYONE else is a massive risk. I also wonder what kind of contracts those who do currently agree to take on such jobs take out with their clients as I imagine in a few years time there maybe a number of liability suits on the hands of some who will eventually make a mistake.... It is too easy to when you have multiple feeds on twitter!
But I do disagree completely that "social media" is an empty term or oxymoron as one reader put it.. Rationally it appears obvious, if we have always only had one source of media, mass medias coming from one central information source and then all of a sudden you decentralize that, make it distributed and two way, that changes things- even if we are not quite sure how to handle that change yet, that doesn't make it redundant! 

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