NetHui 2011 - Skycity, Auckland (Weds 29.6-Fri 1.7)

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I apologise to Martin & John and all the NetSafe Team for somewhat taking over these first two streams especially! I was more than opinionated and did not consider the degree to which I hogged the mic and was overly empassioned on the topic... obviously its one thats close to my own heart! Again my apologies guys ;) I just sent through another email with details for Thursday's event where we will be celebrating the online magazine launch and hopefully getting to do a video skit too so hope to speak again soon in the near future! ;) Oh and I can't believe I forgot to plug  - bugger! Its my fav too... :/

Jess mouthing off again at 42:30 to 45:00

Watch live streaming video from nethui2011globalisation at

Jess mouthing off YET again, check out 1:50:30 until 1:55:00

Watch live streaming video from nethui2011plenary at

Jess telling Bill English the rules aren't right, lead by values? From 2:40 until 3:11

Watch live streaming video from nethui2011plenary at

Jess makes her last stand at the conference to address cyber bullying and the misleading results and influence possible over social media to MPs Clare Curran, Gareth Hughes & Nikki Kaye - you can see the question and answers from 50:00 to 56:25 

And for you John, the link for the video response to Alye I made that I you wanted a link for is here btw -