Legal options to share files... Parliament says there are none!

posted 13 Apr 2011, 03:03 by Jess Maher   [ updated 13 Apr 2011, 11:37 ]
I found myself watching Parliament TV tonight surprisingly...

The Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill was seemingly attempted to be passed in a somewhat rushed & down played fashion to say the least... Two years after the Internet Blackout protests and quick removal of controversial clause from PM John Key, we see the bill pop up in Parliament again..  But it was rushed through while the House was sitting in urgency to pass Christchurch earthquake recovery measures, much to the surprise of everyone, including Green MP Gareth Hughes apparently..

For a "layman's terms" version of the legal aspects, check out James' blog posts here... While we wait to expect this bill to be passed tomorrow morning, surely, this is not the kind of thing that should be happening within a democratic society...? This comment from "Garbage Collector #296" was found on the post comments...

The topic was on social media forums, talk back radio, newspapers and well, TV3 had the story on their website.. but there was a distinct lack of any mention in the TV News I noticed... Despite the story clearly being well before what I imagine would be the "headline" cut off time... The ability to stream Parliament TV online meant that quickly we saw the start of following and extensive debate online, especially Twitter where the trend for #blackout was dominating feeds until midnight..


But much of the talk was off the protection of artists rights... yet most of these politicians seem to really have no idea what they were talking about to a large degree... I mean just consider how many artists were amongst those posting on Twitter and other forums tonight...

jezzieann "We call those artists the smart ones.. who recognize the world is different! #parliamenttv #blackout #musicindustrychanged"

@jezzieann "like this one “RT @kubke: I am a creator, I have copyright under creative commons -I say it is ok to share - dont put me in your bag #blackout

Yet the words on behalf of Green Party MP, Gareth Hughes where well received online anyway... This can now been seen on youtube also, which we have embedded here...  

@davidfarrier "is someone uploading this parliament stream to piratebay? file it under "comedy"."

This tweet from David Farrier saw the Legislation indeed listed for a short time on Pirate Bay (see screen shot below)

Some of the Twitter posts included these:

Steffen "NZ, time to #blackout. National can't do this shit."
@yankeekiwi "@noozeeland @publicaddress it happened this afternoon during the Parliament's #eqnz urgency hearings. First we're hearing. Breaking now. "

@gurubobnz  "RT @Phil_Wheeler: If at first the whole country rejects your legislation, suspend normal process and pass it anyway. #blackout #eqnz"

CyrisXD  "Expect a lot of cyber-crime if this passes. Stealing connections, Security threats with open WIFI, getting other people banned. #blackout"

ahmadnz "@jordantcarter @garethmp Thanks again. So inevitable either way? What was the point of urgency aside from appearing sneaky then? #blackout"

bagnum "Only saw the return of this bill in the last few days. Was it snuck in under the cover of the CERNA bill and the quake? #blackout @GarethMP"

@hclearwater  "now to offer free wifi i have to set up a webfilter - which ain't easy :( #blackout #crisis #eqnz"

Other posts we found particularly useful getting some kind of handle on this topic included;

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13 Apr 2011, 06:15