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posted 20 Sept 2011, 18:21 by Jess Maher   [ updated 21 Sept 2011, 19:23 ]
First up, when its all about the $ decision making gets poor. When you don't make any money, what is the point- surely that at some time needs to be the conversation on everyone's lips, and essentially, its all about "Paying Lipservice" to the "money man". Now I'm not going to be sounding arrogant or deceptive about any such conversation on the topic should be taken with the following disclaimer: "I am not wealthy myself, but I do not have any fluid cash capital of great substance or degree. Like us all, I am "a slave to the money man" be it similar to those of you in paid employment, cash happy or working your guts off without getting paid your hard earned cash from our "private industries, welfare or other state service employment, public sector, beneficiary or student". 

We give youth a lot of flack when it comes to the media really, this is a great example of lack of faith we have in each and our own examples being set in their collective consciousness certainly isn't of high regard considering the news titles such as the following (see below; ) but if you look through the lens of someone who has to question the "truth" or suggest it to be the example of collaboration and respect- how far we ever going to get really...? Now I'm back to the grind and heading for the pile up of unpaid frustration- also known as, my "in tray" :S