Calling NewsTalk ZB, giving my 2 cents

posted 3 Feb 2011, 17:26 by Jess Maher   [ updated 3 Feb 2011, 18:23 ]

Today, when I was unable to find any kind of antenna for the radio which would work on FM channels, I resorted to the AM aerial I found and as a result found myself doing something I don't generally make a habit of... there was an ongoing debate from some very passionate mothers, teachers and others when the dicey topic of child rearing and something beautiful really unfolded as a result I gotta say....

While I was sitting there thinking, ok I knew that might happen but this is gonna come back to bite me in the arse I'm sure, I mentioned my Dad and there is at least gonna be one person now who is gona start going on about how they heard it and that I sounded like cocky snoot or rude bitch in that call... Better tell my mum before another social media related shit-storm arises like the kind I've already seen recently, really not in my favorite books Facebook I gotta say... 

Then Danny takes a break for one of the advertiser calls, who just happened to be Rob Fyfe from AirNZ... (this is given the context that just before they took my call the news story which was featured was about Burger King and a dismissal debacle with the Unions due to an employees comments on a "private" forum online) 

Knowing that AirNZ do some cool stuff with social media already, I did a quick search on Rob Fyfe... Funny that the first thing I spotted was this: 

skyhighboysyd SkyHighBoy 
 by jezzieann
i think Rob Fyfe CEO of @FlyAirNZ should be on Twitter..he would be a hoot
The resulting debate about marketing and cost and the level of impact that painting planes etc that resulted from his comment, well honestly, there could have not have been a better divergent from my call as I half expected some very angry mothers telling me where to get off might actually be the alternative! :) 

On air, Rob asked people what they thought about the new black plane... Danny right now just said "he asked for feedback, I hope he's still listening".... 

jezzieann Jess Maher 
@FlyAirNZ loved the segway from my "talkback" rant 2day honestly u guys rock but tread with caution #socialmedia#newfleet #worldsnotready

I wonder how much involvement Rob really has with all the stuff we are seeing or whether, a little like the early days of the Vodafone NZ context, the simple act of a great manager that too many don't seem to be brave enough to do, by empowering, aligning and exciting a wicked group of people and a talented collective in the PR & Marketing teams @FlyAirNZ ...?