BE NICE ONLINE Viral Campaign & Glogster Project Competition

posted 15 May 2011, 09:28 by Sweet As Social Media   [ updated 15 May 2011, 20:28 by Jess Maher ]

This coming Thursday (19th May from 630-830pm) at Massey Community House we have our first course with the title "Parenting in a Digital Age: Kids & Social Media". With the awesome resources and help of organisations such as Netsafe, SKIPS & Compulink, we are proud to bring you this workshop for which you can view & register for here -

The week following this is Youth Week, and we are planning to use this as an opportunity to launch our youth project in Waitakere City. In preparation of this event and to get the community engaged with what the essence of social media is all about, we are making a request to the local schools and community leaders locally to ensure that local kids have the opportunity to submit an entry for this competition. We will continue the viral video campaign on YouTube (launched last week see- by having a "YouTube Booth", competitions & 
"online mentor training" as well as local businesses and leaders donating resources, while the details are hazy still, it will be an event to watch for regardless!!  

We spend time sharing the virtual risks, helping each other with online probs and focusing on "social good" & the potentials of social media technologies. We are a Charitable Trust, working with a number of organisations in our community, our key supporter is AssistNZ Ltd, who facilitate our community courses locally. We offer these courses, in the genuine hope that attendees will continue to share the message and "pay it forward". Parents have questions that are unanswered we know that, and those who best know how to use these technologies don't appreciate the potential they have often. With most people defining social media as "Facebook, where I waste time" it is a little disconcerning that today's youth have little role model material for interactions either... Mission: Helping Kiwi's to navigate the digital migration. We aim to foster & build a positive approach to the social media & internet technologies that offer such great potential benefits to New Zealander's. Building confidence and empowering & equipping members of the community to act as liaisons for Sweet As Social Media Think-Tank/Workshops youth groups. Encouraging & empowering people to train other people (for example, engage the kids by getting them to make instructional videos for the parents). We also hope to build awareness of online issues (such as Cyberbullying & Digital Rights) and facilitate discussion and training that empowers people to do the same in their own communities. 

Sweet As Social Media’s launch of “Be Nice Online” Campaign

Bullying has been an issue for Kiwi schools for years, but the internet for many it seems, has made this worse. We want to build better “netiquette” in NZ and put a stop to Cyberbullying. At the end of the day, social media, Facebook, whatever you want to call it, they are really all just about talking or communicating in some way..

We need as many different voices as we can get! We would love it for you to take our script, record your own video and (upload it to YouTube with “Be Nice Online” in the title) post to our Facebook wall… We have stacks of wicked prizes (with more details to come) and want you to help us make our national voice heard.

6 yr old Shizzi showing us how its done! Sharing the message and leading the way, she helped us to record our first take of the recently launched “Be Nice Online” video to youtube… Find the script on our site (or free style it if you feel the need) then we are going to make a mash of the collection for our upcoming TV campaign… Support the “stop cyber bullying” cause and like Shizzi, remind users to “Stop & think, cause once you click- you lose control”

Be Nice Online- Awareness Campaign Cyber Bullying

Son’s Rogue Tweet Taught Brown A Lesson

Children will be taught how to protect themselves online with the 21st century equivalent of the Green Cross Code’s ‘Stop, Look, Listen’.

Speaking at the formal unveiling of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety’s first strategy, the Prime Minister said last week’s intervention by younger son Fraser had shown him how important supervision was.

“Last week, the people who follow Sarah, my wife, on Twitter received a message of gobbledegook which my younger son had bashed out on the keys and then pressed send while she was out of the room,” he told the audience.