Announcing Sweet As Social Media’s launch of viral competition teaching others to learn to about “Being Sweet As with Social Media”

posted 8 May 2011, 18:20 by Jess Maher   [ updated 12 May 2011, 21:23 by Sweet As Social Media ]

We want to build awareness of these issues for today's youth and encourage kids to stick up for each other, as bystander influence is an important and currently often negative influence for kids who are the victims of cyber bullying... Did you know that some statistics even state that while 91% of kids (under 18yrs) have been the victim of cyber bullying at some stage online, yet only 11% of parents have even heard the term?! And in Australian law, it appears that Bullying may be set to become a criminal offence... Kids understand the technologies, but they can't understand the consequences of these often unmonitored "playgrounds" which they will be stuck with in writing, literally for the rest of their lives... When one in four babies has an online presence before its birth, we need to move beyond the technologies and consider what we are using them for, and that to talk to each other... it doesn't have to be nastily though...

By making a viral YouTube campaign, we hope to get a representative and varied splice of the New Zealand "public" to upload their versions of the script and then once a collection has formed, we will compile a number of different edits and cuts, as well as a few voice only versions for radio. The details are yet to be completely clear, however we are projecting that we will require three different 30 second cuts of both video (for tv & youtube) and audio only (for radio & soundcloud) to distribute to main stream media channels in a few months from now...

Please help us to help NZ's youth and create a better place for us all online, record yourself, friends &/or family saying the following script and upload it with "Be Nice Online" in the title... The script for this can be found in bold below.

Bullying has been an issue for Kiwi schools for years, but the internet for many it seems, has made this worse. We want to build better “online etiquette” in NZ and put a stop to Cyber-bullying. At the end of the day, social media, Facebook, whatever you want to call it, they are really all just about talking or communicating in some way..

"Stop, think, click" YOUTUBE CAMPAIGN SCRIPT 

Social Media…It’s <insert your view here>

The Internet made the world different. And technology has changed the way we’re interacting… But at the end of the day… Its still, just about talking.

So whether it’s online or off, speak to people with respect, don’t say things you don’t mean and treat others the way you would like to be treated. When you see someone getting picked on, have the courage to say something…

And remember, in the online world… things are not always as they seem.

So… Stop and Think… Cause once you click, you lose control.

Share the message and let’s show others how to be Sweet As with Social Media!

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